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Risk Manager

There's one thing in common when you have customers, vendors or employees; you have risk.    Everyday, thousands of customers come through your front door.   With them brings the possibility that they claim to be injured or to be made ill.  

Some may threaten to take civil action.  And when they do you need to manage the case from start to finish.  


Cennix's Risk and Case Management system allows you to track all aspects of the case.    

You define the major areas of Risk types you have exposure to and then create new cases as received. 

Case Management

Managing cases under Cennix is straight-forward.   We track all key data elements from Opposing Counsel, Demand & Offers, Damages, Plan of Action and Injuries.  

You can add Case notes as the case moves along for both historical and reporting needs.  You can also upload documents to our document management system.  


Lastly you can create reports for all pending cases, by case type,  or a dossier on a single case for review. 


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