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Introducing QIKDOT

With a QIKDOT label powered from your Cennix Library, your team has instant and secure access to asset history, maintenance history and most importantly, our survey and checklist engine. 

Your team can instantly create self assigned, checklist for safety & cleanliness or any other protocols you implement.

Further, if your survey parameters are exceeded, a Finding is created, notifications are sent and if required, notice that the asset should no longer be used until it is resolved. 

Mobile Driven

A quick scan of the QR code, send the web browser to a secure login.  Once authenticated, the user has immediate access to asset & maintenance history.   Your team can select from your defined library of checklists or safety protocols.   

You can also capture values such as odometer, readings and more, and upload camera images as well into Cennix's Document Manager.   If a value is out of your preset parameters, QIKDOT will create a Finding and notify anyone you designate. 

Custom dimensions 350x750 px - Custom di
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