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Implementing Cennix

Cennix can be used by large companies and small, by governmental agencies and school districts alike. But regardless of the size of your organization, implementing Cennix starts like all projects with a good project plan. Identifying the scope of the project is key. Next is defining all the required tasks and ensuring proper resources are available.

For some the first phase, might be policy management or Cennix's comprehensive compliance tools. Others might start with documenting the organization's standard operating procedures.

Policy management is fairly straightforward as most organizations already have existing policies established. Cennix's value comes as changes are made, versions are created and policy management features are enabled.

Part and parcel with Policy management is the need for importing the organizational structure such as divisions and departments. This will facilitate importing your employees. Cennix has REST API (integrations) for automated synchronization.

For Compliance Management, you can quickly import

standard regulatory domains from the Cennix Library, such as Nevada Gaming MICs or PCI.

For custom compliance domains or Standard Operating Procedures, the first step is defining the areas which are delineated by areas of responsibilities. This is generally by an organizational structure such as a department.

Once the controls are created the next step is to assign responsibilities to users. The final step is for the users to enter the narratives (how the controls are met) and publish them. Add supporting documentation as defined by the regulation or internal control.

As you can see it's not an overly complex process. It just takes time, effort and occasionally guidance.

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