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While I was working in the casino industry I was both a participant and an observer of the compliance process. As the head of IT, I received the audit requests from our compliance manager usually in the form of a spreadsheet. Generally, these were produced by an outside audit firm and were sent weeks ahead of that firm’s team coming onto property to conduct an audit.

The spreadsheets where not broken down by functional department, just a mish-mash of control statements. I would then further distribute these spreadsheets by functional areas within my department such as server administration versus net-working. It struck me that with all the niche software in gaming that the process wasn’t more automated or at least streamlined.

I reviewed the governance products on the market and found that like many en-terprise applications the development took the “boil the ocean” approach. My roots in IT come from the development side so I know the biggest challenge is user adoption with this approach. It shows well to the C-level folks but to those who run the application every day, the implementation can be Sisyphean.

I believe the best approach is to ensure that core functionality is solid and easy to understand and use. Automate the basics. What is the control? How do we comply? Who is responsible? Once we have this in hand, we expand; building on our success. Its easy to demonstrate success.

Very few outside of the compliance industry see the ever creeping regulation that businesses are subjected to. We all see the easy ones that we work with everyday such as Gaming, AML or PCI. But we also have OSHA and ADA. Don’t forget about food safety procedures. The liability of improper food handling can cost millions in claims and lost reputation, just ask Chipotle.

My company, Cennix, has the functionality to manage these regulatory requirements. Whether its cyber security incident reports, worker or food safety, or just plain vanilla gaming internal controls, Cennix can help you manage your compliance landscape. I’ll bet your users will like Cennix more than those spreadsheets.

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