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I’m excited to share Cennix’s latest feature, Policy Management. We all understand the need for policies; they spell out to all our co-workers how to conduct themselves as both individuals and employees. Policies adherence is equally expected so that everyone operates to a given circumstance the same.

When a person starts their new position, we as employers take advantage of a captive audience and we give them a policy document and have them sign their agreement of it.

As change is evitable, policies must be updated and revised. With Cennix’s Policy Management, you now have the capability to ensure continued acceptance of new or updated policies.

When a material change occurs to a policy, you can now email to all employees, or to an affected group a notice a policy update and share that new policy with them via a Cennix portal. Optionally the employee can download a PDF of the policy.

You can ask that they have read and understand and agree to abide by the new policy. All of these actions are auditable.

The policy management features within Cennix provides the administrators the ability to review the percentage of those you have completed the process and additionally review if you have any individuals who have not agreed to the policy and require follow up by the appropriate supervisors.

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