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Policy Management ?

Discover how Cennix can

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Policy Manager

Cennix's Policy Manager allows you the same version control capabilities as our Compliance Manager.  You can draft or import your current policies into Cennix.

Managing policies in Cennix is incredibility easy.    

First thing you have Version Control for starters.  You can create a new version altogether or copy an existing published policy and edit it as needed. 


We also provide for Change Control notes.  This provides continuity for policies, keeping notes on why a change was implemented is important years down the road when no one remembers the genesis for a change, such as advice from legal counsel. 


Cennix also allows you to assign a refresh cycle to ensure policies are kept up to date as the organization evolves. 

Policy Management

What is Policy Management?  Its the ability to distribute, via email, the policy changes to all your employees.  Our Survey/Assessment tools allows you to build a questionnaire that can ask the employees if they understand the policy, and importantly, acknowledge and accept the new policy or changes to an existing policy.


For example, you strengthen your racial discrimination policies for both internal and equally importantly, external contacts such as vendor and customers.  You revise the policy and publish it.  Now, using Cennix's Policy Management tools, you create a policy acceptance assessment for the new policy.


Select all of the employees in your organization and Cennix will email a survey link for the employee to complete.   You get tracking on all acceptances and anyone who does not, so you can have a follow up conversation. 

Policy Violation Tracking

Not everyone follows the rules.  And when that happens you need to track how violated established policies.   


Similar to Cennix's Compliance Finding case manager, our Policy Violation Case Manager ensures that all policy violations are tracked and mitigated. 

Our comprehensive reporting system, allows tracking of cases by Policy or by Employee; this allows you to track how many of a particular policy is violated along with severity by date or review an individual employee's record. 

Lastly we can track point assignments for violations. 

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