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We know we don't know everyone!

Looking for an opportunity, we may have a solution.  

So What are We Saying...

Compliance is everywhere.  We use different words, like Policies, or standard operating procedures (SOP). Process is another, whereas sometimes is formal, like regulation or standards.    Almost every business has some sort of compliance as a framework. 

Cennix is a solution to building and updating that framework.   Cennix was originally designed for the Casino industry but was made flexible enough to be used by various types of industries.   Hotels, Restaurants, Franchises to name just a few.   Especially organizations that have multiple locations where HR gets spread a little thin and may struggle in keeping policies and procedures in sync across the country.

To the point...

We know that other entrepreneurs see these opportunities as well and have business contacts in their circle of influence.      

Introducing Vertical Franchises

If you're looking beyond a reseller agreement, Vertical Franchises is the answer.   We want partners in a vast array of verticals.  A Vertical Franchise is one where you designate a vertical and say "You'll own it."

We provide the support to get the ball rolling such as demonstration training.  As part of your franchise agreement, we can provide and maintain a demonstration environment for you to use.  

You receive a healthy portion of the subscription fees.  But the real opportunity is the implementation and servicing of the customer.  Cennix is an enterprise level application whose success and adoption is dependent on a strong implementation processes.   Depending on the industry, your hourly implementation services fees can be very attractive.   

What do we mean by Vertical?

Let's say your Rolodex includes hotel operators that struggle with ensuring corporate governance and wants a way to host franchise operating standards with the capability for checklists to ensure compliance. 

Cennix could be used in:

  • School Districts

  • Local Governments

  • Hotel

  • Restaurant Franchises

  • Churches

  • Day Cares

  • Courts 

  • Jails


Any institution that must conduct itself to a standard is an opportunity. 


You tell us that's the vertical you want to specialize in.  We'll help you design your demonstration set and teach your team the skills to demo Cennix properly. 

First 90 days are Fee Free

We get it. There are times we can't invest our hard earned money into something unless we feel comfortable.   So the first 90 days, the fees are waived.   We're taking the same risk you're taking.  We think after 90 days, you'll have committed or you won't.


We designed the fee structure to be a low an entry point as possible yet ensuring that on serious takers need apply.  First there are zero capital fees.  There is monthly vertical fee of $800/month, which includes the demonstration environment for your use.  We host and maintain the site for you. 


Next, we work with you in creating a pricing model that works for your vertical.   If you desire an exclusive agreement for a vertical, we'll determine a strategy to obtain that as well.  Generally this is achieved through successful execution. 


Under a SAAS model, your franchise fee is a portion of the subscriber fees you charge your clients as well has a small portion of billable hours.     

Interested?  Call our office @ 1-844-4CENNIX 
Not Ready for a Vertical Franchise?

Reseller agreements are still a great entry point to getting started with Cennix.   The fee is only $250/month, which includes the demonstration environment for your use.  We host and maintain the site for you. 

Under a SAAS model,  we pay you a substantial portion of the first and second year subscription fees plus an ongoing portion of those fees for active support of clients.


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