Cennix  integrates your compliance needs in one application

Cennix helps your Compliance and Audit departments by leveraging resources you already have and making the process of compliance easier.

By using Cennix you allow the business owners in IT, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and others to actively participate in the process of managing all the controls your organization must adhere to. The days of using Excel or Word to manage your audit process are gone.

Reduce risk while adding automation and leveraging resources you already have. No more emailing spreadsheets and word documents. Assign responsibilities and allow Cennix to track and send notifications when control narratives have become outdated.

Cennix Controls integrates your compliance needs in one application

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Gaming and Hospitality


The Casino Industry is one of the most regulated industries.

PCI compliance

PCI Compliance

If your organization accepts credit cards, chances are your required to adhere to PCI.

Anti Money Laundrying

Anti-Money Laundrying

Penalties are stiff for non-compliance.

Cyber Security Playbooks

Cyber Security

Ensure your IT department are adhering to their own policies.

Accounting and SOX


If it was only just accounting? SOX?

Food Safety

Food Safety

Keep your company's name off the news. Not all publicity is good.

Court System and Procedures

Judicial Compliance

Ensure your courts follow prescibe rules and ensure transpancy.

City Government

Municipal Government

Regulation isn't reserved for just private industry.

Work Safety and OSHA

Worker Safety

Create and maintain a safe work environment for all your employees.

We would love to discuss how Cennix can help your organization.

Cennix will engage and inform the organization, strengthen your compliance process, distribute the workload to your compliance staff.

We can arrange a free web demonstration and get a free t-shirt in the process. Who doesn't need a cool t-shirt?