Within Cennix we use a hierarchical approach to managing regulations, so PCI, SOX, AML are all domains. A domain is just like a book, you can have multiple domains just like you can have a library of books. Under a domain is an area, akin to a chapter. So its Domain/Area/Control. The metaphors are all around us, Book/Chapter/Verse or Tree/Branch/Leaf.

Yes. This allows you to create and manage policies and processes. The only exception is the limited scope, limited duration licenses which are generally only used by Auditing firms.

That depends on you. Cennix is a web based application and can be installed on your servers or you can chose various cloud options, such as single tenent or multi-tenent cloud options.

An application/web server, generally Windows IIS and a Microsoft SQL Server Standard. We support virtualization and recommend SSL for all external connections.

here are functions available to you such as external surveys and assessments, which if you send them outside your organization, the respondents would need access to complete. You can NAT (your IT Guy knows what this is) an external address to the Cennix Server for this purpose.

That depends on several factors. On-Premise installations have a base for each site plus user licenses. You only need user licenses for members of the organization that log into the software. You do not need user licenses for those who respond to assessments, surveys, etc. Cloud based is a subscription service that's based on user counts.

The Franchise and Retail is licensed based on the number of sites. Lastly there is a single scope license, limited duration license which is used for Financial or Cyber Security Audits.