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Emergency Response Planning 

Louis Pasteur's quote “Fortune favours the prepared mind." is as relevant today as it was when he coined the phrase over 150 years ago.  Organizations regardless of size, need to prepare for events large or small, whether they are in your backyard or half way across the globe. 


Today, a pandemic looms on our doorsteps.  Travel restrictions and school cancellations would play havoc with your employee's lives and your bottom line.  Planning on how to maintain projects with a workforce working from home or suffering disrupted supply chains.   Communication and a plan are key to navigating these waters. 

Getting Started

The first step is understanding the risks you may face.  Whether it's a fire or flood, workplace violence or a nearby factory that creates or stores chemicals, each organization's risk profile is unique.  

Communication is key; talk to your employees and discuss the plans and adjust it based on their feedback.  Talk to your employees who identify as having a disability.  Ensure their concerns are heard and incorporated into your plans.

Maintaining the plan and making it accessible in time of crisis is imperative.  Cennix is cloud based so we're outside your IT's need to ensure access or needing VPN.   We use Amazon's AWS to host all of our hosted sites.

Make sure supplies such as First Aid and medical supplies are stored and rotated.  Having a supply of water and even duct tape is important (for "Seal The Room" for air quality emergencies).   Simple efforts like creating an emergency supplies starts with a few 5 gallon buckets filled with first aid bags, emergency water, duct tape and trash bags.

Using Cennix

Building and maintaning your organization's Emergency Response Plan is easier with Cennix.  By using Cennix you can distribute the workload of writing and completing to the staff responsible for their areas of expertise. From Security to Facilities, Human Resources and Senior Management.   


Cennix has a ready to go template to help you get started.  All you have to do is add users, assign responsibilities and you're on your way.  Add drawings of the buildings or campus for rally points and show evacuation points.   You can incorporate hazard material locations for emergency responders.  

Cennix is made for keeping plans up to date.  Cennix allows you to set refresh dates and notify users that their portion of the plan needs to be re-certified or updated.  

Cennix features a portal feature that allows you to provide access to a clean published version of the plan. 

Click the Features link for a list of features that Cennix provides. 

Special Pricing For Emergency Response Plans

If this is your first Cennix implementation, then we offer a single domain / location pricing of $99 a month, or a prepaid annual plan for $999.  Branch locations are heavily discounted.   This includes 5 users for the creation and maintenance of your ERPs.  Additional users are only $15 per month. 

There is a $250 one time set up fee.  

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