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School Districts and Cennix

School Districts everywhere are scrambling.   Whether it's evaluating how, or even when you'll allow students back into the classroom, or creating new policies on cleaning or sanitizing your facilities.   The touch points are endless; Buses, classrooms, restrooms or just about anywhere students, educators or administrators might traverse. 

Further you have facilities across the district, each with their unique requirements.   What might work for an elementary school isn't right for the high school.   You have dozens or even hundreds of administrators and educators that are your eyes and ears to ensuring polices are both effective and complied with. 

In the Classroom
Create & Organize Policies

The first thing that Cennix provides a single application to manage policies throughout the districts.   You can create broad policies that are created for all locations, but still allow individual departments and principals to create and administer policies for their environment.  

Cennix is multi-dimensional.  Not only does it allow you to policies on student conduct but can do so at the individual site level.   K-6 conduct is entirely different from requirements for high school students. 


Furthermore, within Cennix you can manage the policies on cleaning standards that are district imposed with requirements and create checklists to ensure compliance.   

Security and Safety

Everyone is conscience of it.  We write action plans, evacuation plans and response plans.   But what process do you have in place for review and to ensure plans are up to date?   With Cennix, you have the ability to proactively ensure that plan administrators are up to date.   Cennix sends reminder emails to the those responsible for keep their contributions up to date and certifying it. 

Cennix not only manages policies, SOPs and response plans but also documents, such as drawings.  Manage rally points, and building drawings.   Ready access to locations of hazardous materials for public safety. 

Security Point

Take the next step and request a demo below.  See how inexpensive Cennix is manage your school district's resources. 


In some cases, its only $14/month per building as defined in your district. 

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