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Why Compliance Automation ?

Cennix's first job was solving compliance requirements in the casino industry.  The problem we found is that in the heavily regulated gaming industry, the workflow is backwards. 


Department Managers and Directors are required to create the narratives to the Minimum Internal Controls set forth by the regulator.   They send their responses to the Compliance person who really becomes an aggregator, complying the responses from a myriad of document formats.  

Additionally, the Compliance Manager has little to no insight into knowing how much progress the Department members are making toward completing their tasks.    Sometimes Compliance personnel are truly "herding cats."

How Cennix Changes This.

Above is Cennix's Compliance Manager, displaying the status of a Information Technology MICs and the statuses.   At a glance your Compliance Manager can see how the IT Department is doing with maintaining their gaming internal controls.  

Using Cennix allows you to also set a refresh cycle on each control.  You can set the refresh rate based on regulatory or internal requirements.   Cennix proactively notifies responsible users of pending expirations. 


Best of all not only are Department personnel entering their responses (we call them narratives) to the controls, but they can upload supporting documentation as well.  No more dealing with conveying where documents are stored on network drives or using email file attachments.    

Managing narratives in Cennix allows for version control and tracking. 

Users can copy previously published narratives, edit and publish.  Users can also add any supporting documentation.  

Cennix provides for tracking annotations such as reviewer remarks and change control notes, so you can remember why changes made in the past. 

Findings & Fillings 

When a Regulatory or an Internal Auditor creates a Finding, Cennix can help your team track it.

Once created, Cennix automatically notifies the responsible department member(s) of the Finding via email.

Your team can add mitigation notes and documents until the Finding can be marked closed. 

Sometimes you need structured data...

When your compliance requirement needs to collect structured information rather than narratives, Cennix has you covered.   Cennix includes the ability to have controls collect specific information.   


They can take the form of a survey or as an assessment.  You can have as many questions as you need.  We support multiple choice, collect a value, essay, or a point value such as 1 to 5.  

Surveys & Assessments can be self assigned, for example below when our Hotel Shuttle bus driver begins his shift, he take his phone or a tablet and can start this assessment. 

Phone Screen
Not Just for Gaming

Regulation isn't just for Gaming and neither is Cennix.   Whether its PCI, AML, OHSA or any number of other regulatory body your organization is subject to, Cennix can help. 

Internally audit and standard operating procedures or SOPs are also right in Cennix's wheelhouse.   You create compliance points and can use Cennix to manage it.

We also created  what we call FINTAGs to allow you to track financial budgets to objects.  This allows you to manage budgets to track Capital or Operating Expenses. 

Learn more about how Cennix's architecture is simply incredible. 

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