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Audit Management

Cennix is the perfect tool for creating and performing internal or external audits.  Similar to how Cennix's Compliance Manager works, Auditors can create control metrics and document requests.    

For internal audits, auditors can assign team members as Responsible Members and seek narratives confirming how controls are met or performed. 

For external auditors,  the Auditors can add client emails and set assignments by functional responsibilities. 

For both internal and external audits, the auditor, by using Cennix, gains tremendous insight on how progress is being made. 

Being able to see how much of the information gathering process has occurred, auditors can get a head start on examining responses and reviewing supporting documentation. 


By having this insight, auditors can determine if going onsite is premature or warn the client that schedules are slipping.  

The Cennix Library and Ecosystem

Cennix employs a Library system which allows a company to create a Cennix domain and upload it to the Cennix Ecosystem.   By default library uploads are marked as private, meaning that only the company that uploaded a domain can download them.   

Additionally each uploaded domain is assigned keys which is used as a password to share with clients.  Keys are issued individually and can only be used once.  The ensures that your intellectual property is protected from unauthorized distribution.  For auditing purposes Cennix can be used in a White-label product, or instruct the client to secure licenses and issue them a library key that can utilized to download the appropriate domain.  

Multiple domains can be maintained for specific audit scopes. 

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