Audit Firms

Cyber Security Audits

Use Cennix to manage your Cyber Security Audits

More Efficient Audits

By using Cennix, you speed up the pre-audit discovery process along with having insight into the client's progress

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Protect Your Intellectual Property

Are your Audit processes part of your secret sauce? Likely yes, so instead of producing documents that can be forwarded to your competition, use Cennix to manage your Audit process.

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Increase Revenues

We can provide Cennix in a completely white-label version that you can fully manage and offer as part of your audit process. We also have co-marketing options that are completely FREE for your use, and very affordable to your clients.

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More Efficient Audits

Let's see if this sounds familiar. Before going on site you send the client's point of contact a spreadsheet with various tabs, requesting they gather various documents and compile responses to audit controls. This person then blindly emails the spreadsheet to a dozen or so people in his/her organization. Finally, it's time to go on-site, and surprise almost no one has put anything together.

Was I close?

Cennix helps you manage your intellectual property which exist as templates for AML, PCI or SOX compliance. Unlock your templates and create Cennix Libraries to market.

You create a set of controls, organized in way that makes it easy for the audited organization to distribute to respondents. You can add documentation requirements as well; all tied together to the controls.

By the way, you can create many different libraries, depending on the type of audits you do. You might have a financial audits, cyber or IT audits, PCI, HIPPA. Each of these audit types can have their own library.

Protect Intellectual Property

Not all audits, are created equally. Cybersecurity, Financial, Gaming all have different purposes and outcomes. Protect your audit process and criteria by using Cennix.

Instead of using PDFs or spreadsheets, implement Cennix Libraries and have a secure process to plan and execute audits. Cennix Libraries are easy to create and even easier to manage.

Remember using Cennix is FREE for your use. Your client then purchases a single-scope license from Cennix for the duration of your audit.

Increase Revenues

Under the referral program you receive a portion of the licensing revenue while still reaping all of the rewards. There is zero cost to you to use Cennix for your clients. Your clients pay a small fee for a single scope, limited duration license. This coincides with the term of your audit process.